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Make Your Prayers Take Flight with Jeff Rice 6-11-17

Posted on June 12th, 2017

Matthew 21:18-22

Key Understanding:

Pray your faith. Change your reality.

Prayer sets your course:

  • Pray your destination; not fixes for your current situation.
  • Choose your destination or others will choose it for you.
  • Unfocused faith and prayer leads to random results.

Faith powers you there:

  • Faith is your engine.
  • Fuel up on the word.
  • Be confident and do not waiver; no matter what the evidence says.
  • Weak faith will take a long time to get anywhere.

Be supernatural not natural:

  • God's promises are mine I will not have them.
  • God made me an overcomer, not a victim.
  • I will trust God's faithfullness.
  • I will get there.

What flight are you on?

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