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No App For That Pt.3 2-26-17

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Humility is the Bridge

Key Principle:

Transformational relationships tolerate differences to build faith and trust in Jesus.

Key Truths:

Humility keeps God and us in our proper places.

Humility gives us God's heart for others.

Humility is the birthplace of godly wisdom.

Humility is achieved through an encounter with God.

No App For That Pt.2 2-19-17

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Cracked Pots - 2 Cor 4:5-7

The ways we hide the treasure inside:

Avoidance Mask

Functional Mask

People Pleaser Mask

Angry Mask

Happy Mask


Truth #1:

God did not create me to be a decoration, but to contain something valuable.

Truth #2:

I can never successfully imitate Jesus, but I can contain and display the life of Christ.

Truth #3:

A cracked pot reveals more of God's light.

Dare Dream Live PT6 2-5-17

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It takes both


What is the greatest compliment the world can give the church?

They realize the work was done with the help of the Lord.


Key Vision Priciple:

Godly vision is fulfilled by both the Divine and the human.

The Divine: God inspired and God empowered.

The Human: Total unreserved cooperation.


Key Understanding:

Communion brings me personal confidence, because it reminds me the Divine is in me.



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